Wednesday, December 24, 2008

India Pak war - a media exercise

An India Pakistan War? .. well it all depends.
God forbid, if there is another terror attack on India, then Pakistan will definitely implode on its own weight.  This is one country where democracy is a farce.  A country with senseless leaders who leave no hope for themselves.  A possibility of war has arisen from the media and General Kiyani's military's overtures in Pakistan. The military seems to be the only institution that is the biggest beneficiary, cause its existence, and growth depends on war.  The causes for war are strongly supported by issues like Kashmir, Terror attacks, dealers in military hardware, which look like its conducted by some cartels within Pakistan's state institutions. The entire government of Pakistan should not be blamed for 26/11.  The peace process has definitely defeated the strong pillars of the beneficiaries, and it was probably their time to act.  I have also seen news reports that seem to suggest that after a few years, India may reach a  place where countries like Pakistan will find it hard to talk to.  That said, the current issue of proof needed to sentence Masood Azhar is a farce.  A person who can get a plane hijacked to free himself is ample proof that he is guilty.  There is no more proof needed.  His original place is in an Indian jail, where he needs to be de congested with the terror ideas he has preached unabashedly.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

H1 B - do we really need this?

H1 B visa.. aahh, the name inspires many a dream among people all over the world.  H1B is a work permit which allows an employer to fill a position in his company, with a foreign worker.
The H1B visa is also seen by many an aspirant as the first step towards a green card.  The H1B program comes with a quota (65000) as of now, it was (195000) earlier.  There are also other types of work permits called L1 - which is only meant for transfer of professionals from some other country to USA within the same company.  Unfortunately, the quota is filled up, sooner than you think leading to uncertainty and can lead to unfilled positions which can hurt the growth of several companies leading to hurting the economy.  However there have been calls for scrapping the H1b visa for various reasons including abuse of visa, and lack of availability.  While these are true to some extent, there is also one more aspect to it, and that would be a points system mainly used in queen countries, which does not give the employer his whims and fancies to fire an employee, leaving him high and dry.  One category that is most affected is the International student community, which depends heavily on getting an H1 B visa, as they have a maximum of one year on their practical training, this leaves the community at the mercy of those companies (the so called third party consultants) who exploit such candidates by charging money (visa fees), low pay, poor work culture, and little choice.  The US government came up with a  plan to save the students who graduate from American colleges, who, unfortunately graduate at a time when the H1B quota would be exhausted.  The duration on their Practical training was extended by another 18 months.  This is definitely a welcome relief for all those candidates.  The best part of this work permit is that these students are not at anyone's mercy and reduces the exploitation factor, and red tape to a great extent.  This gives the job seeker every right to choose the place where he wants to work.  There was also a talk of just 2 year work permits which would be unlimited in number and would give a lot of relief to employers and employees by giving flexibility and travel at short notice especially for short term assignments.  H1 B visa, should become an option on its way to being scrapped, as some innovative ideas can definitely avoid companies to exploit desperate job seekers

Saturday, November 29, 2008

War on Mumbai: Do not compare

War on Mumbai was a disaster waiting to happen.  Look at any news channel, and there are 'experts' giving their opinion.  Point taken my compatriots - but why do you compare India with USA?  These guys keep saying that there was only one 9/11 and after that there were no incidents inside mainland US. True..
USA is a developed country with systems and processes in place, which unfortunately India does not.  Albeit USA is much better than us, in terms of infrastructure, corruption etc.  US citizens are well aware of the fact that even their government cannot be declared efficient.
One of the best countries to handle terrorism is undoubtedly, Israel.  They are ruthless when it comes to dealing with them.  But my question is, did that stop terrorism?  Did that stop attack on their civilians?... maybe to some extent.  
Opposition parties in India are not of much help other than simply adding statements which suit them other than anyone else.
However, I feel some lessons have been learnt.  For instance, our people did not negotiate, and went ahead to smoke them out despite several foreign tourists being in these places.  media in Israel still believes that our response was slow and inefficient.  Compared to the Mossad? well...maybe...  They also offered their services, during this incident, but India like several other countries refused and moved ahead on its own.  With growing relations between Israel and India, I do believe this could be a point in the relationship wherein India could well learn to be a feared country than a soft target.  Also, we got to see our NSG commandoes in helicopters, rather than traveling by some van or truck which would eventually been struck in traffic... that would have been gut wrenching to say in the least.  
When are we going to have a separate department for riots? terrorist activity? and co- ordination with Intelligence?  Its high time the plain vanilla Home ministry was relieved of such demanding situations.  Internal security should be unique and distinct in a  way so that our Policemen do not get involved with the terrorists with just 'Lathis'.  The whole country's heart is going out to those policemen (one of the best in the department) simply becoming 'bakras' in front of the terrorists... All because we do not have a system in place.