Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome to the National Investigative Agency (NIA)

Welcome to The National Investigative Agency (NIA).  An agency set up by a government, rudely woken up by an incident called 26/11.  I wonder what took them so long.  This should have been done as early as Dec 2001, when there was an attack on the Indian parliament.  Several serial bombings killing of helpless policemen and the stepping down of a home minister later, the government has decided that its necessary in our country.  At least now we need not sacrifice the first line of our defense - the havaldar/constable who has to face these faceless criminals, armed with sophisticated weapons, with just a lathi.  It is high time we also keep the police out of immigration, and hire people who are into law.  High quality law graduates are churned out in one of the best law schools in India, and they are competent enough to handle cases in immigration, or NIA etc.  The NIA is definitely a welcome step, albeit delayed.  This will definitely boost employment in high tech areas as well as criminology, psychology etc.  I hope the government does not dilly dally on hiring potential candidates only from IPS/IFS etc. and makes way for several brilliant minds in our country.  The last thing we need is bureaucracy and red tape at a time when a lot of damage has already been done. Welcome NIA, best of luck

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oil - are we headed in the right direction

As I had predicted in one of my earlier blogs, it would probably be the end of Olympic games 2008 which would signal the southward journey of oil prices.  And that is what has happened. Few surprises, it pretty much to realistic levels as I write this.  The Government of India is mulling to cut Oil prices by Rs. 5/- again.  They are also planning to cut diesel prices (a high point in bringing down inflation).  LPG - this is the thorny part, heavy subsidies have to continue.
I had rather the government maintain petrol prices as they are, instead of cutting it by another few rupees.  Instead focus more on diesel prices, as this could bring down inflation significantly, the losses could be cushioned by maintaining the same prices on Petrol.  Regarding LPG, its high time the government started aggressively promoting natural gas to households and making use of some good old "gobar gas" in villages or any such alternatives, thereby reducing demand in LPG.  Agriculture, according to me, should not be sacrificed to accommodate growth of bio - fuels.  
The flip side to oil prices could see the prices moving northwards again, although I sincerely hope it does not happen immediately. These low price scenarios are one of the best times to buy futures and options in Oil prices, so that any event of a major spike could definitely cushion India's gargantuan needs.

Loser number one - Pervez Musharraf

Dear Mr. Musharraf, I recently came across one of your statements, saying that 'You are not wearing bangles, in the case India launches surgical strikes'. Let me tell you, people wearing bangles have more dignity and self respect, are loving, caring and have humanity as opposed to some one like you who is worse than one can imagine, and that is a 'certified loser'. People wearing bangles are not losers because:
  1. They do not hide behind nuclear weapons, given by their friends
  2. They do not breed schools to teach infidels a lesson
  3. They do not launch terrorist attacks and hide behind their nuclear weapons, daring victimized countries
  4. They do not have an India centric policy
  5. They do not shamelessly and childishly try to equate themselves with India, when they know they cant
  6. They do not have a bad name wherever they go in the world
  7. They do not simply keep boasting of things that they do not have
  8. They do not stab people and violate trust with neighboring countries
  9. They do not write books making baseless statements
  10. They do not run away from occupied hills in Kargil, disown their soldiers and use a face saver - We withdrew because America interfered- Mr. Musharraf, India is too big for you, try some one your own size. Remember you can throw your nuclear bombs on us, but if we retaliate, your country will no longer exist
The list is endless .. too much for my blog
Please remember diplomacy is the best way to bring you down to your knees which is what India is doing and will definitely succeed. Your country is a sham in the name of democracy. Democracy is a joke for you guys, you only have elections but no proper democratic processes, several institutions are not under your control believe me you guys will never come up in your lives.
"Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism" said by you - point taken. As you sow so will you reap... this is a classic case
I hope you will stop issuing statements for public consumption, as your people are smarter and more conscientious than you are and clearly understand the quantum of punishment they will have to go through because of your misdeeds.

Monday, January 5, 2009

No Proof is enough proof

No proof is enough.. or so it seems. As of writing this blog, I was reading a newspaper report that the FBI is not being allowed to access Ajmal Kasab's village in Pakistan. The next obvious step, is denial of evidence given by India and the USA.  I wonder how many diplomatic offensives does India have in its arsenal after this?  stop water supply? get them to be branded as a terrorist state?  bleed them of their money?  So far these seem to be the options.  The other affected parties on 26/11 are the Americans, and the Israelis.  While its understandable, that America needs Pakistan for their war in Afghanistan, I wonder what is stopping Israel from sending their agents to punish the guilty, as they always seem to do.  Throwing bombs on Gaza and killing so many people seems to be justified as long as Palestine does not have the 'N-bomb'.  I wonder if thats the reason Israel hesitates to take the terrorists in Pakistan, out.  Come on Israel, Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism.  This international migraine does seem to have a nemesis and thats you.  Your people have also been killed by these terrorists.  Go on and show the world that you are really ruthless

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A warm welcome to Sheikh Hasina

The victory of Sheikh Hasina in the recently held elections in Bangladesh is definitely a welcome relief for India. I wonder if Indian interests were so strong that they provided her with any help required to win. Sheikh Hasina, a far cry from Begum Khaleda Zia is much more approachable to India than anyone else. It remains to be seen how the new government will deal with Pakistan based militants operating out of Bangladesh. India is now strong on both fronts, as far as Pakistan is concerned. One in Afghanistan and another from Bangladesh. Pakistan is being isolated diplomatically, and with their major arms being frozen via Bangladesh and Afghanistan, one only hopes, this is a major step towards disarming terrorists.

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