Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elections 2009: The ever vulnerable Third Front

The so called Third Front is there ....(yawn).... such fronts were already there once every few years, starting in 1977. The people have seen through it, its only hunger for power which shows within a few days after taking up office, until then its all about serious issues. 1977 - against autocracy. 1989 - against corruption in high places. 1996 - anti incumbency coupled with hopeless opportunism. We all know the fate of such 'arrangements', and that is failure. These so called alternatives are already creating a few more sub fronts or a front within a front to shamelessly bid for the highest position - post poll 2009. Wake up, so called leaders.... people can see through this, and they are smarter than you politicians can think (if at all you do).
Lets bring development, lets bring secularism and security to the country. Lets have some path breaking laws... like Witness Protection, lets bring in a missile defence, after which we can never hesitate to teach a historic lesson to the perpetrators of violence in our countries. Wake up politicos... wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

Elections 2009: A rag tag alliance

This election will be a watershed in our country's history. Another rag tag alliance in the making... as of writing this blog, there seems to be a popular perception that a fractured verdict, consisting of approximately 150 seats each, for major parties i.e Congress, and the BJP. The rest will be a combination of several parties like the BSP (current favorite for winning close to 40 seats in Uttar Pradesh. Followed by a new party in Andhra Pradesh, called Praja Rajyam Party floated by none other than superstar Chiranjeevi. We also have AIADMK in Tamil Nadu which is riding high on an anti incumbency. For the first time the Communists in West Bengal are not expected to do well. This apart, we have two arch rivals Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan coming together to fight against the ruling and redoubtable Janata Dal (United). The Congress on its part, is sensing an opportunity to revive the party especially in Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar which is good for them. But the Congress must remember its years of neglect of several states when it was in power, which gave rise to the regional parties in the first place. The right candidate for the right seat, should be the mantra without neglect post elections.