Saturday, April 18, 2009

BSE and NSE wassup???

Bse and Nse looks like they have shrugged off their bearish blues and are thundering ahead in what some analysts believe - a rally that could last up to 15 years this time and could reach 100000. However there is one more analyst who was thinking on the same line, that this could be a state sponsored rally. I wouldn't be surprised. There have been some FII buying once the US stock markets picked up in the last few weeks, after some subtle signs of economic recovery.
The election is just underway and may 16th 2009 onwards could see some sporadic volatility in the stock market, especially if there is a huddle among different parties to decide to support from inside or outside and what not. However as the dust settles, I hope the rally takes on again and does not tank. One also suspects that gains from the stock markets during these days could definitely help in any 'closed door' meetings that may help form the next government. I sincerely hope I am proved wrong