Monday, April 26, 2010

IPL 3.0 Fiasco

Its here again one more scandal or so it seems. A few weeks ago Mr. Lalit Modi was featured on the cover of India Today - one of the leading weeklies of India. As the editor has mentioned he is one of those rare individuals, who has graced the cover of this magazine 2 times in 3 weeks under polarized circumstances. First things first, I still maintain that I am a fan of Mr. Modi simply because he a very creative businessman who conceived IPL, this is probably the best thing to happen to Indian Cricket. Thousands or even more Indians, awesomely talented, full of passion would like to play for India, but their dreams just remain that --- Dreams. It is a tournament which gives many a hope to play at an International level and earn a living. These young men have every right to a good living -name, fame and money - all gained through IPL. Unfortunately Politics seems to be above all, the last few weeks have seen the media taking focus off from Sania and Shoaib and then to some allegedly murky dealings. Politicians, celebrities and probably every unknown person seems to be targeting this poor man - Lalit Modi. WHile they all seem to forget no businessman is innocent. This is the sad story which no one seems to care about. I hope IPL4.0 under the foresight of some other BCCI official (which looks plausible as of now) will be a bigger extravaganza, but the original always remains an original